Whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth time visiting an eyebrow specialist in Sydney, it can help to know what you want to get out of your session. Choosing a style that suits your face shape, as well as knowing your treatment options, can help you get the best results.


If your face shape is…


Then ask your eyebrow specialist in Sydney for a balanced, contoured style. The smaller your facial features, the finer your arches should be. If you have large features and a high forehead, thicker arches will look great on you.


An angled arch with long ends suits round face shapes as it helps to add definition and dimension.


Soft, natural round arches look lovely on a heart-shaped face as they create curves and fluidity.


Counteract the strong, boxy look of the jawline by adding an angle to the peak of the arch. This helps make the face look softer and longer.


A diamond-shaped face is the one shape which looks best with a flat style. This is because you don’t want to make the face look longer, and a high arch does this.


Plump up your face by asking your eyebrow specialist in Sydney for a shorter style; this can be done by trimming the end of the arch slightly.


Choosing the right treatment for you

Depending on a number of factors, such as face shape, hair density and colour, different treatments may work best for different people. Here’s what you need to know about each one:


Tweezing is the simplest way to get rid of unwanted hair, and anybody can do it. If you have naturally thin arches (or love your thick ones), you might be able to get away with simply plucking a few stray hairs every now and then to keep yourself looking chic – no need for painful wax or chemicals! If you can’t seem to get it right, consider seeing an eyebrow specialist in Sydney to tweeze them for you.


It’s safe to say that no one enjoys waxing, but the results are undeniable. For people who want a bold, thin look – or just have way too much hair up there – waxing is a great way to get results fast. However, it isn’t ideal for people with sensitive skin, and it may cause premature wrinkles.


The ancient Indian technique has become popular in the west recently. It is the most precise method of removing hair, but requires an eyebrow specialist in Sydney to accomplish. It works by rolling two pieces of thread over the skin in order to remove the hair. It is a chemical-free, organic and dermatologist-recommended treatment for those with sensitive skin. However, like the other methods, it can hurt a bit.


Many people have gaps in their arches – bald spots, so to speak. Extensions work by having an eyebrow specialist in Sydney apply hairs to the arches using an adhesive. This makes them look thicker.


If you’re happy with the shape of your arches but want them to look fuller or match your hair colour, try tinting. This involves applying a semipermanent dye to the hairs, making them look immediately fuller.


Microblading is the most expensive option, costing around $1000. It works similar to a tattoo and makes your arches look thicker for up to 18 months. An eyebrow specialist in Sydney uses a small blade to cut along the skin and then a tint is applied to the upper layers of the skin. The process takes around 2 hours and 4-6 weeks to heal.