This article will explore what kind of valuable items you should keep in a mobile self storage container.

These days, we tend to accumulate a lot of material possessions over the course of our lives and some of them are more valuable than others. The most valuable of these possessions may only have sentimental value to you personally, but it is often also an expensive commodity that a thief may be incentivised to break-in and steal.

One way to remove this danger from your home and family is to invest in a mobile self-storage unit that is driven to your home for you to personally fill with your belongings and lock with your own padlock. The container is then driven back to a secure facility that has CCTV monitoring and guards on patrol.

This adds an extra layer of assurance than a regular self storage container as you can load your items directly into the vault the way you want to and lock it with a mechanism of your choosing. This means that nobody from the firm you hire will have access to the content of your vault and eliminates the chances of an inside-job burglary.

Let’s take a look at some of the kinds of valuables that are suited to be secured inside a mobile self storage vault.


Vintage comic books, painted art and paper memorabilia

Comic book and find art collectors may seem to be world’s apart in terms of their tastes, but they have more in common than you think considering the nature of what they collect that makes mobile self storage a perfect option for both these groups. This is because paper-based collectibles like books, magazines, newspapers and canvas art can deteriorate in excessively damp conditions. If you have ever seen a movie where the characters discover an ancient book with tattered pages that break easily – this is because of centuries of exposure to the elements.

In order to protect these fragile types of items, you need to keep them inside an environmentally-sealed container that is going to prevent moisture building up inside it and causing the damp conditions that are so devastating to your valuables. A mobile self storage container is environmentally-sealed, so you never have to worry about weather conditions damaging your valuables.


Motorcycles, scooters and other small vehicles

Of course, vehicles are some of the most expensive and collectible items in the world with some vintage cars and motorcycles being valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. A mobile self storage vault is the most secure possible place you can store your vintage motorcycle as it will be nearly impossible for anyone to break into.

Naturally, keeping a highly expensive vintage motorcycle in your family garage can cause your family to be victimised by thieves seeking to break in and make away with the expensive bike. If the criminals think they can make a quick buck by taking a risk and breaking into your home, they’ll do it – however they probably won’t try to break into a secure facility where you mobile self storage vault is kept.



Of course, a mobile self storage vault is the most secure place you can store your bullion outside of a major bank. It is highly secure against break ins and will protect your precious metals from corrosion.