I’m pretty green to the mtb, and so it’s only fitting that I sport the My Mountain Jersey….. fear they not of loosing reputation, for they skill us well J

With a handful of rides under my belt, I decide its time for a CTS. Sadly this decision is not based on self-belief, but more from the description of the day….”Its like a bush doof doof ….. but its during the day…..and…..there are no pretty lights…..and not so many drugs…. and there is no dance floor … but there are lots of happy people!”

“Cool, I’m in” I say.

With this in mind therefore the misty morning full of haze and blurry eyes typically signifies the end of the event, so I had to do a Michael Jackson slide and swirl to re-arrange my thinking and although the tunes were faint, they were there and so were the happy people, coming out of the bush, bags and bikes in tow….. now if only I didn’t need to pee again (apologies for the candid self disclosure but it sets the scene yeah?)

I’m in a team of three, with a race plan to ‘take it easy’ but ‘not to come last’. I’m no gun, but I will do anything ‘not to come last’.

Big crew from the Spin Sisters. Danielle and Randa are doing it solo – Respect sisters Respect! The others are going double; Anita and Emma (possibly got ready together), Peta and Sarah and Wendy and Claire. Charma, Debs and I are in the threesomes. With the race under way it time to turn our attention to our super coach for last minute tactics;

“I’ve made pumpkin and choc chip muffins for in between laps” All hail our super coach Ali.

With a cracking lap under her belt, Debs is in and I’m out. Cant get my feet in the cleats, cant turn corners, and my breaks can be heard form Collingwood – Dam sister, your wearing the green jersey now! Pull it together!

Remembering the ‘don’t come last’ philosophy’ I smash it down the open trail and overtake too guys. Game plan number 1. Don’t let them pass you.

I climb well and full of adrenalin, a mars bar and game plan number 1. 1000 things are going through my brain; Corner- outside leg down, Lift- straight arms, Descend- weight right back, Is that guy having a pee? Look to where you want to go! Yep, he’s having a pee… woops cut a corner – Look to where you want to go!

I can hear someone closing in – check behind to confirm its not someone from game plan 1. and clear the way. Start thinking I’ve nailed it and head down the descent too fast… fun but too fast. Hit a root and react by putting on my front break (yeah I know!)  Flying through the air I consider my body position pre flight …was I not dragging my butt over my back wheel?

“No” says Ali from the marquee. “Bummer” says me as I hit the ground a couple of times.

Lying on track I disentangle my bike from legs and feel for broken things…. Nothing broken except the small shrubs I threw myself at. I move aside as I hear the swish of the professionals coming down the hill. As they pass I see the familiar green of the MM jersey and it all the tonic I need …. That and the last guy has a side mirror on his helmet?  I’m on again and chasing.

Back at transition I tag Charma and head for the marquee for my muffin, eaten with a greater satisfaction than that of a 3am souvalaki. Scott, our super mechanic, gives the bike the OK for round two and the smiles from the crew make it all good.

We wonder up to check on Danielle and Randa between their laps and they impress us with smiles and easy conversation….. so dam cool…. Too cool for racing J

Peta and Sarah cruise through Sunday with minimal carnage while Anita and Emma, Wendy and Claire proudly discuss lap times and improvements……and we all eat a little more….. I am tempted here to report on the mechanics food intake, but I like him and don’t want him to think bad evil things of me. In my team Debs was a champ leading the way and supporting the cripple. Charma sadly was let down badly by….us, and ended up doing two laps in a row (I believe we owe her a bevy).