What are bongs?

Bongs are basically a device or instrument that is used to filter before smoking. It maybe tobacco, it maybe weed or something else, but bongs are used to purify the dusty smoke before inhaling the smoke. Bongs are found in numerous sizes. Small ones are durable and can be fitted anywhere, and the bigger ones are also durable but hard to fit, so they are assigned a particular position where it is kept. Bongs are made up of different materials such as wood, plastics or fiber. It has a long cylinder at the top with open at one end, and the other end is connected with a circular piece which contains the liquid, mostly water. another small free end contains the tobacco or weed which is lit using a lighter and the smoke generated travels through the water where the dust particles and other harmful particles that cause harm are dissolved in the water, and the fresh smoke containing very little soot is raised up which is inhaled through the open end of the cylinder. Bongs vary in prices too depending on the size and the material with which it is made.

Uses and history of bongs

Bongs used nowadays are the advanced version of what the old bongs were like about 2400 years ago. The use of this filtration device started way before in the Scythia where the Scythian tribal heads used to smoke weed, cannabis, tobacco and other smoking elements with the help of bamboo. Its use also began in the city of Harappa. In China, the use of bongs came into existence during the Ming Dynasty nearly in the 16th century. When the Qing Dynasty came into being, smoking pot, weed, tobacco, and cannabis were largely in demand with the use of bamboo made bongs.

The uses of bongs are endless. Since the water in bongs can absorb the harmful particles and other soot type material rendering the smoke harmless or very less harmful, so it is used in the laboratories as gas bottles. Bongs are made of borosilicate glass nowadays so that they become heat resistant and repetitive use is possible. It can be said evidence that the water in the bongs absorbs the harmful substances which are commonly referred to as toxic matter.  So it helps in the treatment of carcinoma. Due to this filtration procedure bongs are much less harmful as compared to smoking cigars, cigarettes which are basically unfiltered.

Bongs found in online stores

Earlier bongs had to be bought from roadside shops or had to be made at home. Nowadays, people are completely dependent upon the internet, so bongs are also available at a very cheaper rate in the online stores. Not that bongs are no longer available in the offline stores, but for easy access and by staying at home one can easily buy bongs online in the different online stores available. The cost of bongs are not very high; they are affordable, durable and can be used for a longer period of time.