Those homeowners looking to add genuine value to their property would do well to take onboard the key selling points of teak outdoor furniture.

Whilst there are other options that exist in the market, ranging from various hardwood and softwood features including oak, timber, birch, cherry, mahogany and walnut, the teak designs have a clear advantage over their compatriots.

These items do come at more of a premium for cost on average than the other materials, but they offer a series of benefits for owners who want to enjoy a product for the long-term.

Time to assess the key selling features that can be acquired when purchasing teak designs for outdoor settings.


Customised vs. Retail Options

Artisans and carpentry specialists are able to meet the demands for constituents in the market for teak outdoor furniture. Whether that is producing retail options that are designed for general use in a patio or garden to a customised and hand crafted model that is specified and sized to the right dimensions for the user, there is flexibility that is offered to shoppers. This is ideal for middle to high-income earners who want to invest in their own unique customised design that showcases unique patterns, symbols, names and numbers. The choice is the consumers when it comes to customisation vs. retail.


Durable Material

As low quality wood ebbs away and deteriorates when exposed to the elements outdoors, teak outdoor furniture remains durable all year round. From the heat of January and February through to the autumn months, the chill of winter and the blossoming of spring in September, this is a product that remains sturdy and reliable. This is in large part to its natural resistance to harmful contaminants including pests, insects, termites and organic factors featuring moisture and general decay of the wood.


Strong Material

The sturdiness of teak outdoor furniture can be contributed in large part to its natural resistance qualities that wards off all manner of elements including acidic and alkaline items, but the strength of the wood should not be underestimated either. Weighing a hefty amount across the entire set, this is a brand that won’t buckle or break under duress or consistent use by the owner and the guests. So long as there is assistance with the home delivery and placement, it will remain strong for as long as a century to ensure it is a durable long-term investment.


Compliments Other Brands and Designs

Thankfully teak outdoor furniture reacts positively when combined with irons and metals. There are certain profiles of wood that force these materials to rust or corrode over time given their alteration in moisture content, but this is a brand that remains consistent and true without compromising other materials when it comes into close contact. That is a major benefit for consumers who have irons and metals on their property.


Looks Magnificent

The final key selling point for teak outdoor furniture is simple: the aesthetic beauty. This is a wood that glistens and shines and should it be conditioned and polished at semi-regular intervals, it will offer that golden glow that will delight guests and potential homebuyers in the market. Other hardwoods can tick many of the other selling points, but they do not quite catch the eye that teak can offer constituents.


Teak outdoor furniture might not be perfect for homeowners under all conditions. From the weight of the items to make the maneuvering difficult to the polishing and conditioning to the actual sourcing of the goods themselves, there are easier brands to acquire for an outdoor space. However, they do tick many of the boxes that the modern consumer are seeking to add value to their property.