After two years of continually being asked we have finally decided to let gravity take over! DH gear has landed!

To celebrate we are giving away two Fox launch suits. Everybody who purchases any DH product from MM in Sep or Oct will go into the draw. One to win each month!

Not only will you be able to find all your usual DH parts and accessories at My Mountain but you will find some awesome DH rigs from Commencal, Trek, and Turner……….Yes you heard right, Turner.

We are pretty excited to announce a bit of a brand shake up at MMHQ. As we wave some brands goodbye for one reason or another we welcome two new brands that we feel represent awesome quality,ride and value for money. Commencal & Turner.

Commencal although relatively new to Australia have been receiving huge accolades for their suspension bikes for several years overseas. Born from the DH Commencal bikes are known for their plush compliant feel and represent amazing value for money.

And if that isn’t enough to jump up and yell “ye haw” about we are even more excited about being Victoria’s only Turner dealer. Hand made in the US Turner are know for uncompromising quality. With frames such as the Turner Flux, 5-Spot and Sultan starting  from $3500 we are able to roll out full custom builds from $6,500. We are pretty excited about this brand. Turner bikes represent beautiful boutique appeal with enviable performance without the crazy price tag!