The weather was perfect for the second instalment of the CTS mountain bike series. There were around 400 riders in this particular race and I was one of the crazy ones who signed up to do it solo.We positioned ourselves towards the end of the bunch to start the race. Consequently, there was some congestion heading onto the first bit of single track. It was quite amusing to see everyone jump off their bikes and take them for a walk when the race had barely begun. Once the riders were spread out the trails were a lot of fun to ride.

The track was perfect and the company of fellow mountain bikers wasn’t too bad either.After conquering the massive hill towards the end of the first lap, the rest of the course was nice and easy and mostly downhill. This was very deceiving as I continued to finish laps feeling refreshed and then would decide immediately that I could do another. By the time I reached my fifth and final lap, I was feeling very wobbly and my bike seemed to have a mind of its own.

Ali and Scott were a wonderful support crew and spent the whole day fetching water bottles and food and giving lots of encouragement to all of the riders. All in all, it was a fantastic day and I would ride solo again in a heartbeat. Who is with me for round three?